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SeekOut is a website that helps bring the entire LGBTQ community together. From family events, fundraisers, sports, music, art and more — it's all here. Our goal is to provide more awareness and participation for all events.

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It’s all about you and what you want to do. Whether you’re a local or traveler, discover LGBTQ events that connect you with people who share your interests. All in one place.


    Find every type of LGBTQ event. Simply search by location, type, or date — anytime, anywhere!


    Accurate, safe, and up-to-date. Posts come from community event organizers and are monitored.


    SeekOut makes it easy for you to quickly share events with your friends and community members.

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Organizing a public LGBTQ event? SeekOut allows you to quickly create and share your event with everyone. We’re basically the online word-of-mouth for your event.

We’re making something great. Here’s why...

“When I travel to other cities, I have a hard time finding queer events that interest me. And when I search for stuff online, the information is usually out-of-date or not accurate.”Quinn, 26 | Event-goer
“As a promoter, I need to reach new people in order to keep my event going. It’s a challenge for me to find a broader audience outside of my regular crowd.”Maria, 32 | Promoter
“I wish I could find everything listed in one place. I often hear about events after they’ve happened and feel like I missed out.”David, 52 | Event-goer
“The time and cost of promoting really adds up. My time is limited. I’d love to be able to post my event directly to the community within a matter of minutes.”Terrence, 45 | Promoter
“I know there’s so much happening beyond nightlife, I just can’t seem to find it. It would be great to know about everything that’s going on in our community.” Sarah, 37 | Event-goer

Made for the community by the community.

We’re currently building and will be launching soon in San Francisco!
Don’t worry — many other cities coming, too :)